July 30, 2021

Dear Parents and Patients of Victoria Pediatrics & Adolescents Assoc.:

It is with mixed feelings that I am announcing my retirement effective August 31, 2021. It has been a pleasure and a great privilege to provide for your health care needs over these past 42 years.

This decision has not been an easy one. Giving up the profession I love has been very difficult. I wanted to make sure my patients are well taking care of after my retirement, I was fortunate to partner with four extremely talented board-certified pediatricians to continue with our office legacy. Our staff will continue to work with the new physicians to deliver the highest level of care to your children.

Dr. Hassan, Dr. Rafael, Dr. Bandy and Dr. Jiang had joined our practice, each has at least 20 years of experience and are active member of the medical staff at Driscoll Children’s Hospital providing care for acutely ill and injured children at the emergency department.

My sincere hope is that you all will continue to trust and avail the services of Victoria Pediatrics and Adolescent Associates, as you did for the last 42 years.

Thank you for your loyalty. I wish you the best of health in the future,

Dr. Felix F. Regueira


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